Why worry about your child being Obese?


Obesity is a big health concern for every parent today. Kids and toddlers as early as 2 to 3 years of age are being labelled as overweight. Puppy fat and holiday weight can be considered normal to a certain extent; but parents consistently ignoring the signs being under the impression that things will even out as the child grows can indeed affect a child’s future.
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Eat Right and Fight the FLU!


images (3)As simple and common as it sounds, seasonal Flu is not an easy task for parents to handle when their child suffers from one. In spite of flu being a mild illness, taking care of your little one and choosing the right meal for your child during a flu outbreak can create a lot of hustle. You might want to make your child’s meals tasty and colourful without missing the nutritional component in them. Continue reading

Common Summer Illnesses in Kids


Summer season is here which means playing outdoors, water parks, swimming and camping!! And yes no more studies and homework! Every year, children await the onset of summer months to fill their lives with joys of holidaying and making new friends. Amidst all the excitement and free family time you look forward to, taking care of your child during this hot season is every parent’s priority and equally challenging. Continue reading