Common Summer Illnesses in Kids


Summer season is here which means playing outdoors, water parks, swimming and camping!! And yes no more studies and homework! Every year, children await the onset of summer months to fill their lives with joys of holidaying and making new friends. Amidst all the excitement and free family time you look forward to, taking care of your child during this hot season is every parent’s priority and equally challenging. Continue reading

Introducing Oral Hygiene in Kids


Brushing in Kids

Oral care and hygiene should begin right from the time your baby is new born. Even before your baby’s teeth has started appearing, you should keep their oral cavity clean and dry every day. Gently wipe their gums with a soft moistened cloth at least once a day. Once your kid’s primary teeth begin to appear, you should use a toothbrush specifically made for children. Brush twice a day and gently massage their gums and teeth. Continue reading